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I trained as a physician and completed my subspecialty in gastrointestinal disorders while training under physicians from the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic. Now, with over 20 years of experience practicing gastrointestinal medicine, I have diagnosed nearly 100,000 patients who had gastrointestinal issues. In the process of diagnosing that many patients I noticed many people have very common gut health problems that usually can be corrected with a supplement - instead of wasting time and money going to a traditional doctor. When I began to look into the options in the supplement industry, I found there were no true gastrointestinal experts to be a voice of reason for the public. I began reviewing gut health supplements to help people understand not only why gut health is vital but also which supplements to consider trying. When done properly, gut health supplements have immense potential in reversing peoples syndromes and symptoms caused by poor gut health. 

I strongly felt that I needed to use my expertise to help be a guide to anyone trying to turn to gut health supplements for help.