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100 Steps For Health

Did you know that 100 steps is all that it could take in order for you to be considered healthy?

One, zero zero. That's it. 100 steps a minute and you'll be feeling better than you did before your walk or brisk jog.

The new study, that was posted in June in an issue of British Journal of Sports Medicine was solely devoted to the subject of walking.

For years, most health organizations reported that walking at a brisk pace is considered good exercise, but nobody (until now) has defined what exactly constitutes a brisk pace.

The answer, is 100.

100 steps per minute is an easy to figure out number for anyone to either count in their head, their fitness tracker, or their phone. From 18 to the elderly, the number of average recommended steps is 100.

It's wonderful because walking requires absolutely zero additional equipment or previous knowledge of exercise routines at all. You just get up and start doing it. Whether you're inside or outside, on the go or at home, you can always walk - and now you have a goal to aim for!

The study also maintains that just because we walk 100 steps in one minute, that does not mean you should sit down and stop walking once you've hit 100. The current guidelines are about 30 minutes of brisk walking most days which would be three thousand steps walked at 100 steps a minute pace.

If you're feeling extra amped up, you can always pump it up a bit, or even lower than 100. But with this new information, we now have an easy to follow guideline of how many steps to take.



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